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Whether you prefer relaxing at sea doing a spot of fishing or tearing through the waves on a jet ski there is a policy to keep your sea faring vessels protected.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat Insurance provides property and liability insurance for your sea faring vessel, this means if there is an accident you are protected from the financial cost of fixing your boat or any medical costs if someone becomes injured. Due to the differences between all of the different types of boats on the sea there are specialized policies for different types of boat.

Do you need Boat Insurance?

Here in Huntington Beach you do not legally have to have insurance to use your boat. California, like most states has not made it a legal requirement, you will need insurance if you take it to one of the states that do, for example if you decide to sail to Hawaii then you will need a minimum of $500,000 of cover.

Although not a legal requirement you may still find you need boat insurance. Where you plan to moor your boat may dictate whether you need it or not, some marinas require you to have it. How you purchase your boat may also make it necessary to have insurance, most finance providers will require you to have it for the lifetime of the loan.

Additional Coverages for Boat Insurance

Over and above the standard property and liability coverage boat insurance provides there may be additional coverages you can add to the policy to protect you from other risks. Wreck Removal will reimburse you for the costs associated with recovering your vessel should it becomes damaged after an accident. Emergency Service covers the cost of having someone come out to fix your boat on the water or towing services. Fuel Spill Liability covers your from the costs associated with cleaning up any fuel after a spill. If you are going on a long voyage then coverage extensions will extend the cover into foreign territories.

What is Marine Insurance?

A Marine policy protects you from the financial loss associated with any cargo you may be carrying which becomes damaged during your journey. It will also protect you if you get into an accident with another vessel which is carrying cargo and you cause damage to its cargo.

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