Workers Compensation

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The Small Business Guide to OSHA Compliance

The best way to keep the cost of your Workers’ Compensation policy down is to ensure that you minimize the number of claims that you make, by providing a safe workplace for your employees. What is OSHA? OSHA is part of the U.S Dept. of Labor. In 1970 Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health

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Are Your Staff Employees or Independent Contractors?

If your staff are classified as Employees, then California law requires that you have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in place. To learn what coverage the Workers’ Compensation policy provides both your business and your staff check out our Workers’ Comp Explanation. Misclassification of staff as Independent Contractors when they are actually Employees can be a costly

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7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of your Workers’ Compensation Policy

To control the cost of your workers’ compensation policy you need to improve the modification part of the workers’ comp premium formula. The modification is based on your claim’s history, so reducing the number of claims you have, and the length of those claims will reduce your premiums. Follow these tips keep your claims low.

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How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Cost?

Workers’ compensation is a legal requirement in California. The cost of a workers’ comp policy is different for every business. The premium is based on payroll and risk of the business being insured.